Hello, Service Design Studio!

You asked applicants , "Tell us why you would be a great candidate and why you want to join the NYC Opportunity team (500 words or less)." 

Here is my response:


Growing up I observed a number of systemic barriers my immigrant community faced. It is largely due to those I grew up around that today I constantly find myself challenging and reimagining everything around me, especially the government and its adjacent systems.

Unfortunately, for many of our brothers and sisters, these systems are sticky and complex— emphasizing an already horrific social hierarchy. I believe that through a human-centered, creative, and humble approach at the NYC Opportunity office we can design public services and advocate for low-income communities. Below I will demonstrate three reasons I believe we could be a perfect fit for one another.

*I have a commitment to advancing greater equality and opportunity through human-centered design practices in government. *

Though I do not yet have experience working within government I am keen on expanding my work into the public sector as it plays such an important role in the fight for equitable services in our communities.

As a graphic designer for Blue Sky Communities, a low-income housing firm, I worked to visually communicate with policy makers and government officials on proposals, presentations, leaflets and other collateral. I believe these skills will translate well as I support my team in communicating with government agencies.

* I have technical and design fluency as well as the organization skills to support product vision and development. *

Working at MindHome/SmartInsure I was to develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts within an existing brand. With a style guide already in place, using Figma I created the pattern library for our mobile app and am now prototyping the UI. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.05.47 AM.png
Frame 2.png
Frame 3.png

* I have leadership potential and experience managing multiple tasks. *

As the founder of Rowdy Magazine I coordinated collaboration between cross-functioning teams in business, editorial, marketing and design. Leading a diverse team of 30+ students, I learned a ton about task management, time management and how to handle my own work in order to be a good team member. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.15.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.26.17 AM.pn

I have strong skills in digital design and product development using Figma and Adobe CC

You can see some of my past UI designs below.

Let's fill each others gaps!

Iphone Mockup.png

As a human-centered designer with past experience in UX, I believe I can utilize my gen z lens along with a design thinking framework to facilitate unconventional thinking when working with government agencies at your studio.