A gap in our community



Founded a youth-run magazine championing art and culture at the University of Florida 



1.5 years,

Sept. 2018- May 2020


Founder 🎯

Designer 👩‍💻

Event Planner 👽

UX Designer 🤖

Editor-in-Chief ✍️

Circus Ring Leader 🎪

Our Story

Rowdy Magazine is the leading publication for UF students focused on celebrating diversity and inspiring collective change. Over the past 2 years, Rowdy has  built a niche community through events and innovative publications at the university level. When Rowdy first began, the University of Florida had a major missing piece connecting its student body to arts, culture and activism. Moreover, a lack of publications focused on graphic design. 


The magazine began as a way to influence our peers into expressing their truest, most wild selves through a publication that serves as its own design piece. Proceeding our first release event, we found a community latching on to our mission looking to continue growing with us. Our books have since grown larger along with our spaces we create and the people we reach.


We are a small 30 person team, with diverse students of all majors dedicated to championing global change starting at the University of Florida. 


Design Team

Layout Designs

Led a team of 3-6 graphic design students for every issue. Created style guides corresponding style guides dedicated to each issues themes. Designed a 100 page book with around 15 articles. 

Every article in the print publication is accompanied by a carefully curated playlist. Each set of songs are selected to expand on the tone and message.

Worked with local printers in meeting all typical print production standards. Learned the fundamentals of bookmaking from binding, page organization and paper weights.


Making it Interactive

Every article in the issue is accompanied by a carefully curated playlist expanding on the tone and message.

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Design Team

Digital Media

Social media is a vital component of our campaigning. Our team of design students work to create custom graphics and animations for any announcements we have. Often times posting about the latest in news and culture. The social media has grown to over 3,000 followers.

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Marketing Team


Unconventional approach to tabling on a college campus. Resulted in a handbuilt, pop-up newsstand that travels around the main campus to varying high traffic locations. The team works the newstand in custom hand-made uniforms to establish one-on-one communication with our community. Our team is known for being extremely creative and eccentric. To expand on the theme of the issue each member was given the chance to spray paint and customize their own jumpsuit to wear for distribution.

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Marketing Team

Community Reach

We have collaborated with a number of student groups in hopes of empowering our local community in social justice. In the past we have collaborated with:

  • Climate Action Gator- talking on IG Live about indigenous voices in the climate debate

  • Redefined Goods, a giveaway for a student business focused on totes recycled from thrifted clothing

  • NAACP  Gator Chapter, 4/20 conversation about decriminalization

  • Women's Student Association @ UF, pop-up event for Women's History Month

  • ++ Donated 15% of all proceeds to One Fair Wage Fund after COVID-19


Marketing Team


As an up-and-coming organization releasing our first publication, the preliminary campaign's mission was to get our name known on campus. The campaign included:

  • chalk stencils on campus and downtown sidewalks

  • murals

  • free pin handouts 

  • pop-up distribution

  • collaborations

  • giveaways 

  • influencer packages

  • press releases for local news outlets

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Marketing Team

Experience Design

1. Dress Rowdy, Fuck It.

For the launch of our first issue, Rowdy wanted to create an immersive, interactive experience resembling a female-led "Art Basel," in honor of women's history month. 

By pairing up with 8 female student artists and  female-owned businesses, we were able to spotlight those in our community empowering our own female-based readers.


Our famous dress-code, which has since become a staple of our identity, "Dress Rowdy, Fuck It," allowed out audience to let get of their inhibitions and express themselves in whatever way they pleased.

2. An Identity Crisis

Throughout adolescence, no one really, truly knows what they're doing. One day you wanna do this and the next day, it's the complete opposite. To pay an homage to the most melodramatic years of our lives, Team Rowdy decided to revolve our second issue releases party around the ill-fated teenage Identity Crisis. 

Want to reminisce on those cheesy elementary school yearbook photos? Want to get inked? Need a drag queen to stuff your purse with Magnum XL condoms taken from a refrigerator? We got you.


Leadership & Innovation


Led a design thinking workshop with all team members for third volume. The program had breakout sessions based on the 5 steps of the design thinking process.