Hello, Erin & the team at Impactual!

I created this page in lieu of a cover letter to better provide you with examples of my work. 

Hopefully, this will make your hiring decision and process easier.


I’m a hands-on, brains-in creative, passionate about designing unconventional solutions with my Gen Z lens. My hope is to empower human beings to be transformative forces in their communities. Having experience with nimble startups, and passionate non-profits, I was extremely excited and fortunate to have found this position at Purpose. I believe I would be a great fit for the role for three reasons:

I have proven expertise across branding, digital, and print design with a clean and thoughtful design aesthetic, and high creative standards.

Currently, working as a Graphic Designer for Blue Sky Communities, I support low-income families in providing affordable housing and services. My regular deliverables typically include presentations, newsletters, banners, booklets and other collateral. As a designer working for a public service, my duty is to build connections through visual communications with policy makers and government officials in order for our firm to gain recognition and financial grants.

I have a desire to synthesize complex written information and concepts into infographics.

For the Sustainable Development University Conference I knew that there was strength in simplifying the UN's data. Seen below. I developed simplified the infographic into an AR exhibit.


I have a passion for politics, pop culture, and making a difference.

 As the founder of Rowdy Magazine I coordinated collaboration between a number of student groups in hopes of empowering our local community in social justice. In the past we have collaborated with:

  • Climate Action Gator- talking on IG Live about indigenous voices in the climate debate

  • NAACP  Gator Chapter, A Conversation on Decriminalization

  • Women's Student Association @ UF, pop-up event for Women's History Month

  • Donated 15% of all proceeds to One Fair Wage Fund after COVID-19 


See the full post on Insta here.

See the full post on Insta here.

I have also been working as a graphic designer for Blue Sky Communities, a low-income housing firm, I worked to visually communicate with policy makers and government officials on proposals, presentations, leaflets and other collateral. 

I can keep a secret.

As a human-centered designer with past experience in UX, I believe I can utilize my gen z lens along with a design thinking framework to facilitate unconventional thinking when working with your team.