Sustainable Development University Conference

The conference features speaker panels, workshops, networking events amongst other innovative continued learning techniques. Anyone is allowed and welcome at the event with limited spots available for advanced sign-ups. With opportunities to teach, coordinate and network, industry professionals as well as pre-professionals are encouraged to participate in a unique personal and professional development experience. 



Andrea Wilson - Design Lead

Tyler Baras- Farmer-in-Residence

Daniela Wilson- Operations Manager

The Community- Collaborators


3 Weeks, March 2020


Product Goals

Inform pre-professionals, ages 18-26, on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they can incorporate these in their career





Product Goals

1. Educate students

Inform pre-professionals, ages 18-26, on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how they can incorporate these in their career

2. Professional Development

Offer continued learning and networking to current practitioners and researchers from diverse disciplines working for social good 

3. Data Immersion

Bring the Sustainable Data Goals to life and off the paper in a memorable package




Interested participants can scan their poster using the viewfinder tab on the app to open a virtual exhibit of the SDG. The viewfinder triggers an augmented reality containing immersive data from different SDGs.

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Discovering the Goals

Users can learn more about the individual goal from the home menu. From here, they can discover all the classes corresponding to the respective goal.

User Account

Conference attendees can create an account to browse and save workshop schedules. This gives the guest the opportunity to tailor their experience specifically toward their interests.

Program Scheduling

Conference events are organized by day, Sustainable Development Goals, industry and an opportunity to search. When clicking into a workshop the user can sign up and further browse related classes.

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Moving Forward

Key Takeaways

Augmented Reality is the future... and damn is it cool. I want to experiment with it more. Moving forward when designing AR with multiple layers and a vertical/walkthru layout you need to consider for a wide variety of user environments. Accounting for other people, wall art, physical obstructions. 

Regarding the event itself, I would love to go into what exactly makes a successful workshop. I think a good starting point was introducing an AR element to give the learner the hard info to get the wheels turning. Yet still, looking at data — you are viewing it from an outsider's perspective. To truly work toward promoting the SDG Agenda we need to understand the problems to their core in the field. How can I introduce this element into a learning environment?