Hello, Phil & Airfoil Team!

In lieu of a cover letter, I pulled exactly what your were looking for in the job description and compared it to my own experience.


I’m a hands-on, brains-in creative, passionate about designing unconventional solutions with my Gen Z lens. I have a commitment to advancing greater equality and opportunity through human-centered design practices. Having experience with nimble startups, and passionate non-profits, I was extremely excited and fortunate to have found this position at Airfoil. I believe I would be a great fit for the role for four reasons:

*I am able to conduct and analyze results from user testing and translate it into experience design*

Though I do not yet have experience working with implementation testing, I do have a variety of other research experience. Studying PR in school I conducted many one-on-one interviews, sent out numerous surveys, and usually synthesized the data into easy to understand reports or feature article. Currently as a PD fellow, we ran some preliminary user interviews to better understand our problem and reframe our approach and are sitting in on UX Research workshops.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 8.16.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 8.16.49 AM.png

* I have technical and design fluency as well as the organization skills to support product vision and development. *

Working at MindHome/SmartInsure I was to develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts within an existing brand. With a style guide already in place, using Figma I created the pattern library for our mobile app and am now prototyping the UI. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.05.47 AM.png
Frame 2.png
Frame 3.png

*I love to brainstorm UX and UI designs for projects using a design thinking framework for innovation *

As the founder of Rowdy Magazine I coordinated multiple design thinking workshops in order to facilitate fresh and innovative campaigns. Now working in product design I translate these concepts and put on my problem solver hat always placing the user at the forefront. 


*I have strong skills in digital design and product development using Figma and Adobe CC*

You can see some of my past UI designs below.

Let's work together!

Iphone Mockup.png

As a human-centered designer with past experience in UX, I believe I can utilize my gen z lens along with a design thinking framework to facilitate impactful solution when working with your clients.